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I loved her hair then, I believe in the early 2000's. I still like it, but do you think it's a little dated on the sides and from what we can see from the back? I'm picturing the back cut short by about 2.5". I think I'd like that better now, the rest is adorable.

This is my favorite page in my #bulletjournal. It's interesting to look back at my month with a big picture overview. I had a few more difficult days this month due to a family situation, but overall my life is great and I'm #grateful.

Free filter❕this is a great filter for a feed and looks great with pretty much everything. It's great if you like dark filters but if not just adjust the exposure or just anything to your liking. It looks the best with blue , brown , white , grey and skin tones. But i'd recommend this with anything but remember it always depends on the picture :) #omgfiltrsm5 #omgfiltrsmseries backup : @acaifilters

I've played with the 'loaded gun' analogy a few times. I like it. It's such a vivid way to picture a woman's power-- commanding attention and respect you can't ignore.

Yesterday my sweet friend April @sweetkentuckyholler posted this picture of her new chandy like the one I hung in my office. And oh my goodness how stunning is it in her home!! It truly looks like it was designed for this space and I just had to share! April's entire home is like a farmhouse dream and she is definitely #onetofollow. So glad my chandy inspired you April because it was meant for this room! If you don't already follow @sweetkentuckyholler pop on over and say hello…

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