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INTRODUCTION This is a very easy and healthy one pot dish.. It is also a lazy dish and in fact, in Chinese records, it was also meant for a dish of “lazy people”. Well, I am not saying those who are trying the recipes are lazy people, but it is a better time management type …

Chinese Style White Rice With Nutritious Gravy: Mui Fan aka Lam Fan…

INTRODUCTION A Teochew granny in Singapore knew that I love to taste authentic Teochew kuih and she took the pain to arrange her relatives from Shantou, China to bring me this unsightly kuih all the way from China. By the time it reached my hand, it is really hard as stone. I re-steamed the …

Chinese Peanut and Sesame Pancake (花生和芝麻烧饼) - Guai Shu Shu

Famous Wuxi Spareribs (无锡排骨,无锡肉骨头,酱排骨)  #kenneth_goh    #guaishushu #无锡排骨

Famous Wuxi Spareribs (无锡排骨,无锡肉骨头,酱排骨) #kenneth_goh #guaishushu #无锡排骨

Chinese Shredded Radish Pancake (白萝卜丝煎饼) #guaishushu #kenneth_goh    #萝卜丝饼  #shredded_radish_pancake

Chinese Shredded Radish Pancake (白萝卜丝煎饼) #guaishushu #kenneth_goh #萝卜丝饼 #shredded_radish_pancake

Pork And Chinese Broccoli With Silky Egg Sauce On Rice 滑蛋豬肉芥蘭飯

3 hungry tummies: chinese- pork and chine broccoli with silky egg sauce on rice

Classic Chinese Pot Sticker aka Guotie (韭菜虾仁锅贴) - Guai Shu Shu

INTRODUCTIONThis recipe suits me be it the preparation method or the shaping of the dumplings and as such, it is a good and simple recipe for new house chefs. As for the shape, it is not my invention …

Twice Cooked Pork _ Twice cooked pork(回锅肉) or Double cooked pork belly is one of the most famous dishes of Sichuan cuisine. There is an interesting saying that if you do not eat twice cooked pork, then you have never been to Sichuan.

Twice Cooked Pork

Twice Cooked Pork–Szechuan Pork Stir Fry – China Sichuan Food

Chicken with Chinese mushrooms

Chicken with Chinese mushrooms