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Lost In Vogue,Portrait Photography ,Human Tribe Resources for Art Students…

darkbeautymag:  “Wax” — Photographer: PhotoNinja​Designer/Retoucher: Danielle Lafleur​Model: Klytaemnestra Cosplay​

The Look: “Wax” — Photographer: PhotoNinja​ Designer/Retoucher: Danielle Lafleur​ Model: Klytaemnestra Cosplay

Patience  comes to the bones  before it takes root in the heart   as another good idea. — 	Mary Oliver, from New And Selected Poems, Vol. Two; “Patience,”

by Pierre et Gilles. now we're heading back (above) to serious photography.

Photographer: Laurent PNCE Headpiece: AW-K headdresses Model: Ana-Wanda K

⍙ Pour la Tête ⍙ hats, couture headpieces and head art - Photographer: Laurent PNCE Headpiece: AW-K headdresses Model: Ana-Wanda K

This shop has some amazing headdresses/photography. Unbelievable.

CLEARANCE Wildebeest horn feather mohawk Futuristic gaga halloween rocker Cleopatra Egyptian Fantasy headdress headpeice wig

Modern Fairytale/ into the darkness/karen cox. Raven Gown~Snow White

truesouls: “ It once pained me to know that I am the cause of such despair. But now their cries give me strength. Beauty is my power.

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"King of Kings" - Photographer: Gemma Louise Williams / Headpiece: Hysteria Machine / Necklace-Doll: Freakasaurus Rex / Hair & Makeup: The White Rabbit / Model: Laura Marie

Tribal Coat of Arms Necklace by Miyu Decay

Miyu Decay on Etsy is selling a necklace. Also, the model has HAIR HORNS! Love it

You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it. -  J. K. Rowling

Gold Halo Headdress, Chrome Halo, Crown of Light, Gold Aureola, Gold Crown…