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he must like cheezburgerz. whats a cheezburgerz?

Toilet Kitten: In my house you have to check the toilet before you sit down! Because toilet kitten might be in there? when my cat was just a kitten, he would always jump

Saatchi Art Artist: Zoë La Placa; Photography 2012 New Media "test"

test New Media by Zo La Placa

This is too hilarious. Hair tie + cat = look out nicodemus and lucifer

43 Things Cat Owners Will Understand. I think it might be about time to make a board just for cat pins....

43 Things Cat Owners Will Understand

The bowl of food is full. The bowl of food is empty. Feed me now. That’s cat logic.

Akenini.com - Illusions Effets d'optiques images cachées - Optical Illusions hidden pictures

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