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i love the way eridan carries himself, but id hate him if he was real?


Trying to complete the set of this style of Homestuck trolls XD

Eridan, stop singing with Garnet. Only she can make that song work.

drunk Rose district : Photo <---- And I'm nevver going dowwn to the likes of you land dwwellers because I'm so much better

Are you okay?........its not that hard to say

My poor baby come on like seriously how does no one even bother themselves to ask him if he's okay like seriously that would solve like half of his problems if someone just took the time to hear him out

Tags: Anime, Comic, Homestuck, Karkat Vantas, John Egbert

Tags: Anime, Comic, Homestuck, Karkat Vantas, John Egbert <<< the cookies face changed.

Aquariumstuck KanCro. I just love that Kronos is different than Kankri :3

Aquariumstuck Kankri and Cronus. I just love that Cronus is different than Kankri (( and I've also misspelled Cronus' name many times.

I have no words

I love this and it's popped up so many times. I'm sorry but can't Equius be even the slightest bit cheeky Karkat? :B what a buzzkill (hehe I made a bee pun)

Lonely eridan :(

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Eridan for fans of Eridan Ampora images.