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Yay I'm done! I've been working on this since Sunday night, for probably about 15 hours total. This thing is huuuuge I drew it on my biggest pad of pape. The Magic of Friendship

Its sad now its ending

Its sad now its ending


Spongebobs face on the last one though- he may have made Twilight and alacorn (actually look it up its the correct spelling) but he also made himself Derpy

Twily and Spike.ENG by ~Holivi on deviantART to be honest... in the last 2 pics...spike is kinda hot......

Twily and Spike.ENG by ~Holivi on deviantART to be honest. in the last 2 pics.spike is kinda hot. Does this make anyone else sorta ship them a little now since they're both the same age and species if the weren't brother and sister here?

The Prodigal Student by Beavernator.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Why do you keep coming back for me? For a pony so close to my heart; what else can I do? Erk, I did not plan this through at all. I wanted a comic strip. The Prodigal Student

The wrong Idea by Veggie55.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Influenced by my little cousin About a week ago I was down with the family and was told that my little cousin was outside helping to paint the new shed. Next thing you know, in he comes, splattered.