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Be fearless

Be fearless

Suggested by @MarkGrainger.

32 Of The Most Beautiful Words In The English Language

I love you sweetheart. More than anything in this world I love you

zenofcuckolding: “In the hands of the right man, a woman is a hundred different women, limited only by imagination and hs willingness to make her feel safe and lead her.” Anon truth - A Submissive Fashion


eigengrau: "dark light" or "brain grey"; the color seen by the eye in perfect darkness

Very unusual words and their meaning.

I love words and language. (Wow, not only did my absolute favorite word show up on this list, but it has an equally lovely sounding word meaning the opposite that I was unaware of.


► "The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there." ~~Vince Lombardi ★ (We all know it takes persistence, and a never-give-up attitude!

if/when I think F'n....it's him each time. if/when I want to.....him-every time. insatiable, yes. that makes him "special" for me NOT to me, yes. does it still remain all about me....yes. FUCKLUST !

icandolotsofthingsmaster: I knew there was a specific name for it! It is what gives Daddy the energy to get to the next day - princess fucklust… -DB

BIMYOU n. Not bad, or "meh". 14 Perfect Japanese Words You Need In Your Life. VP: Ha ha! Meh

14 Perfect Japanese Words You Need In Your Life

16 Perfect Japanese Words You Need In Your Life. My new words of the day for the next 16 days.