Producing animated videos is no big deal with 'Animaker', a Cloud based animated video making tool. Since it is the age of DIY projects, why not make video films all on your own?

‘PieSync’ enables automated syncing of contacts across Cloud apps

This new Web-based service lets you organize videos into your personal collections & share your favorite moments with friends via a built-in community.

Using this free Web platform, 1 can create a profile page, list your profiles, & verify your identity via a verification video.

A video platform that lets you save time, highlight, share & discuss any video, is available from a New York-based company.

'ShareChat' is an Online file sharing Site that allows users to share files without size limits & chat with the people they share the files with.

Now, 'Sixa' offers you the possibility of having an entire computer & its full range of processing power, apps & graphics capabilities available to you Online.

Grade your Website branding with OnBrand Grader

Facing the conundrum of “to respond now or to respond later” to emails, Andrej Pancik decided to experiment with building an opinionated email client.

'Sketch Viewer' is a tool that helps make viewing & sharing of existing .sketch files easy on the Web.

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