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In the Ancora Christmas Bible Comic you'll find the story of Christmas, together with fun facts, quizzes and codes to help you discover what the Christmas story is all about! With each part of the story you'll find a Bible reference. This tells you where to find the story in the Bible - God's book.The comic is based around the theme of Scripture Union's groundbreaking tablet game, Guardians of Ancora.

Delight children aged under 11 with this comic-strip retelling of the Christmas story. Through the high-quality illustration and text, children will encounter the true story of Christmas, together with quizzes, puzzles, facts and information to help them engage with the story more fully. The Christmas story is told from Mary and the angel Gabriel through to Simeon and Anna, the wise men and flight to Egypt. Throughout, children are pointed back to the Bible, and encouraged to read the Bible…

What's in the Bible DVDs 1-9 This starts in the Old Testament. They are going all the way through the bible. Your kids (and YOU) will learn more than you dreamed! I just used coupon code OTSAVE25 and got $25 off.

A new children Bible comic "A Man Named Jesus" based on the four Gospels of the New Testament. Discover and download the first 2 chapt...

I am SO excited about this deal at What’s In the Bible! We recently purchased the Christmas DVD, Why Do We Call It Christmas? and it is just excellent! I learned so much and it did such a great job of explaining the history behind Christmas. I can’t wait to get the Old Testament series…well, […]

From the makers of Veggie Tales at - What's In The Bible? Buck Denver Asks...Why Do We Call it Christmas?

What's in the Bible? Church Edition: Why Do We Call It Christmas? Four weeks of lessons cover the BIG questions of Christmas, Jesus' birth, the origins of Hanukkah, and Emmanuel & the Christmas story!