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Street art by OakOak These images are fine example of street art. All the art done in these images are done by a French artist OakOak.

embroidered street art

Why Don't You

Cross stitch yarn bomb on a park bench run rabbit run street art public art with whimsy

Rainbow steps

The 26 best cities in the world to see street art! *Rainbow-colored stairs in Istanbul painted by a local man in TURKEY

Street Art. I can't pick a favorite, but the cross-walk one would make me laugh in real life.

Clever Street Art

Funny pictures about Clever Street Art. Oh, and cool pics about Clever Street Art. Also, Clever Street Art photos.

Berlin... Scribble on the Streets. what happens when you pour paint at intersections. beautiful


Guerilla Paint Action in Berlin. Last week a group of cyclists dumped 13 gallons of paint on the road at Berlin’s busy Rosenthaler Platz, creating a series of colourful lines as cars drove through

"The Watermelon Tent", Designed by Luke Bonner, and manufactured by FieldCandy.

"What a Melon" tent by FieldCandy-You can still look cute eating beans from a can - Fieldcandy Tents

Έφηβος σε ανήλικη χώρα. Από τη Βασιλική Τσουρή.

Banksy Dreams cancelled to buy online: Display this piece of modern contemporary canvas art on your wall

Street Art Utopia. Out of Place.

Lego Street Art Around The World. This Lego street art works in two ways: one, it makes the grey and boring street more colourful, all the while repairing the crumbling street brick walls. So it’s basically a two-for-one Lego repair.

Using the materials at hand - whatever works.

Using the materials at hand - whatever works.

Graffitti isn't always about names and neighborhoods... its real art!! Love this!

Superhero Street Art: Stunning Works Of Art In Public Spaces