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❄️QR Codes for Alolan Vulpix and Ninetales Pokedex Entries! ❄️ . Can be used to locate the Pokemon in Alola . Every ten codes you scan you’ll be able to run an ‘Island Scan’. Running this scans the island you’re currently on and finds/spawns a rare Pokemon that usually can’t be found in Alola . The spawn only lasts 1 hour, and if it spawns in a location you’re yet to reach you’ll essentially be out of luck . Can only scan 10 codes/1 Island scan a day #pokemonsunandmoon

Getting Organized: Paperwork to Shred, Scan, or Store Infographic — Women & Co

Shred, scan, or store? This is beautiful. I might be a touch on the Type A side, but doing this sort of thing once a year is a beautiful thing.

Quadro para a parede do quarto do bebê que mostra uma imagem de três ultra-sons (no caso, lá fora, eles fazem bem menos ultras que a gente, mas você pode colocar do ultra da 12a semana, da 20a e da 32a) e a primeira foto do bebê. Linda recordação!

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