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"She's Not Dreaming", 9x12 soft pastels on colourfix paper. Experimenting with different brands of blue pastels. Completed March 11 2014.

bravegryffindors: As they sailed farther from the coast, the sky darkened and more stars came out. Percy studied the constellations—the ones Annabeth had taught him so many years ago. "Bob says hello," he told the stars. The Argo II sailed into the night.

"Your father," Annabeth murmured. "This is really not good." "It is determined," Chiron announced. All around me, campers started kneeling, even the Ares cabin, though they didn't look happy about it. "My father?" I asked, completely bewildered."Poseidon," said Chiron. "Earthshaker, Stormbringer, Father of Horses. Hail, Perseus Jackson, Son of the Sea God." x