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Chibitalia,so damn cute    ❤-❤

Day Character you would like as a child Chibitalia

Belgium- The one character I am mostly like>> Belgium - the character I am least like

It's Belgium AKA Laura/Emma/Anri/Manon, I'm not sure. Belgium is so cute!


hetalia/new Zealand

You rarely ever see fanart portraying a country's culture like this

New Zealand by s-in-c@New-san On Tumblr!!!

New Zealand by s-in-c@New-san On Tumblr!!!

Australia and New Zealand

Everybody thinks Australia and New Zealand should get together — the countries in question disagree.

UUUUUUuuuuuuuuh XD He looks so bored and done with it. I do that...and it exasperates the heck out of my friends. For my parents they see that i'm not by their side anymore and napping somewhere XD

lollollollol Guess America was a bad kid! All the other daddies are gushing about theirs! <<<<nah if anyone was a bad (but also misunderstood) kid it would be Romano.