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Jenny : the doctors daughter. Who is the real daughter of the 5th Doctor and the real wife of the 10th Doctor. :) Blow your mind?

DOCTOR WHO trivia: Georgia Moffett is the daughter of a Doctor playing the character of the daughter of the Doctor who is played by her husband.

Nothing like timey-wimey! Ten married Five's daughter, meaning the Doctor married the Doctor's daughter who played the Doctor's daughter who is now the Doctor's wife. Don't you just love the Whoniverse?

the doctor's daughter. Well actually in real life it's a different doctors daughter, but david tennants wife. The doctor. So the doctors daughter is actually his wife.

I love that his wife played his daughter.

Also, she is Peter Davison's daughter, therefor yet again the doctor's daughter. The doctor, David Tennant's childhood doctor. Wrap your minds around that! She then gave birth to THE DOCTOR'S DAUGHTER!

They really should bring Jenny back for an episode, imagine how the Doctor would react to that...

They really should bring Jenny back for an episode, imagine how the Doctor would react to that.<<< It would be one of those perfect episodes.

The 10th Doctor <3

The Doctor wearing bow ties before bow ties where cool.

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And then plot twist: they get married and have a kid who has the tenth doctor as a father and the fifth doctor as a grandad

Yet another reason why I love Matt Smith.

coolest birdhouse ever (doctor who,tardis,matt smith)

If she was a Time Lord, that would explain her many appearances in different time periods and her amazing intelligence.

And she can fly the TARDIS<<< and that thing with the rose in her hair in the first episode, and her being the Doctor's granddaughter would mean she is a timelord so would know her language!