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The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare Screenshots for Genesis - MobyGames

Carmageddon (PC 1997)

Carmageddon (PC 1997)

The Secret of Monkey Island - PC - 1990

Eduardo Gouveia: "Monkey Island Rocks" (Two Versions)

RoboCop - Atari ST -1989

RoboCop Screenshots for Atari ST - MobyGames

Space Harrier - Atari ST - 1988

Space Harrier Screenshots for Atari ST - MobyGames

Kid Chameleon. This is on a Sega collection I bought for the Xbox. I forgot how frustrating it is!

Kid Chameleon Screenshots for Genesis - MobyGames

Mortal Kombat - Master System - 1993

Mortal Kombat Screenshots for SEGA Master System - MobyGames

Full Throttle (Game) - Giant Bomb

Full Throttle (Game) - Giant Bomb