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Acidic oceans linked to greatest extinction ever : Nature News & Comment

Rocks from 252 million years ago suggest that carbon dioxide from volcanoes made sea water lethal.

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The big five extinctions

We still can’t say with certainty how many species live on our planet.

Capitanian rocks in Spitsbergen

Fossil Study Detects Another Mass Extinction in the Deep Past

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Reference Table Page 3

Reference Table Page and Longitude of NYS-Hommocks Earth Science Department

www.adirondackcsd.org energy study guide

www.adirondackcsd.org energy study guide

Permian extinction

The microbe that killed everything One of the most intriguing mysteries in geoscience is the mass extinction at the end of the Permian, 252 million years ago.

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www.topicalrbc.com content ESLabBkSAMPLE.pdf

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