Add an extra shot of Anna in your VOGUE ESPRESSO this morning! It's the fashionable thing to do.


Inslee Illustration Why this is so me.pink coat, hair in bun, black sunglasses, and heels. Oh and a letter. Basically summed up the picture.


alexandra_nea: Gold Coast I'm coming your way today! First port of call The Patio this evening for The Fashion Launch showcasing all the new arrivals at where I will be sketching up a storm see you there!

Fashion Illustration for Giambattista Valli by David Downton.

First Look: Masters of Fashion Illustration

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14isarbitrary: Watercolour and gold leaf on paper, 2014.... - FelixInclusis

Henrietta Harris is an Auckland-based artist and illustrator who hand-draws t-shirts, paintings and gig posters