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07-22 12pm Breach AW hese two fully breached and chin breached multiple times off the port side. One even breached within a body length of the port pulpit! After this large expulsion of energy these two resumed their slow travel. Unfortunately we soon had to make our way back to the city.

Orcas are crazy smart. They can hunt all sorts of animals from seals to sting rays. Though many people are scared of them, they have deep family bonds and have only harmed people when they are captive.

Diving with Whales - Brian Skerry braves the waters of the Antarctic for a very up-close view of the right whale. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08fM0XxRLNI )

08-04-15 10am Suprise Breach. Out of nowhere, Pele started breaching! Somehow we were able to get picture of this magnificent surface active behavior! On our way back to Boston we happened upon Canopy, Perseid, and a third friend.

08-05 12pm Spyhop. In this group we were able to identify Hancock and her 2015 calf, Criscross, Snare, Sprinkler, Perseid, A-Plus, and Canopy. Hancock’s calf delighted passengers by lobtailing twice and flipper slapping multiple times. While associations were hard to keep track of with this many whales it’s always a great day to have this many!

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