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Natural treatment for degenerative joint disease | Animal Wellness

Avoid Apoquel (funny, my vet just suggested I put my dog on it and then I stumbled across this article). Hmmmm.

Turmeric Proven More Effective Than Ibuprofen For Joint Pain

Ding dong! Chaos erupts as Molly skids barking down the hallway to get to the door before her human, Pat. “She’s such a sweet dog, ...

10 Lifehacks Every Cat Owner Should Know

PROBLEM: My cat peed on my floor/bed/clothes… HELP! SOLUTION: Baking soda is your best friend. Soak up as much pee as possible and allow area to dry. Then sprinkle baking soda on top, as it will soak up the odor. Let it sit for 15 minutes before vacuuming.

Herbs That Delay Aging By: Animal Wellness Magazine Vol. 16 Issue 4 Aging isn’t a disease, even if it may feel that way. It’s simply the normal changes we all undergo as we get older. Our dogs and cats go through similar changes, but at a faster rate than we do.

Huge Money Saver - Make Your Own Environmentally Safe Cat Litter

Make Your Own Environmentally Safe Cat Litter

You probably know someone whose pet has kidney disease. It seems to be all too common these days, in both dogs and cats. While it mostly affects older pets, it can also be seen in …

Cake Recipes For Dogs | Animal Wellness

Home Remedies for Dogs With Earaches

Dog's ears.