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A Better Version of Me: Planning How to Reach My Goals

Determined to reach all of your goals in the new year? This woman was too so she came up with a system to figure out what she wanted to accomplish and she created some FREE monthly and weekly goals printable. Download yours today!

Why I Choose to Be Celibate (Even Though I Love Having Sex)

This woman chose to be celibate to get in touch with herself, go for her goals…

8 Reasons Why Minimal Living Works For Me

By living a minimal lifestyle, one woman has learned how to be free of…

To the Women Who've Been Called Crazy - You're Not

For the women who've been called crazy, one woman wants you to know, you are…

Why I Proudly Proclaim That I'm a Female Workaholic

Being a workaholic doesn't always mean a bad thing. One woman explains how she's setting aside a few years to be a workaholic so that she can reach her dreams and build the life that she wants.

Doing What I Have to Do to Get Where I Want to Be

One woman explains how busy her days are and how she's working jobs that aren't necessarily related to her goals, but are helping to pay the bills while she works hard to get where she wants to be in life.

I Was Harassed Online and by Phone for Five Years

We can no longer downplay online harassment or stalking against women. One woman shares how she was harassed by phone and online for five years in the hopes that it raises awareness and helps people stand up for women's safety.

Making a Change: No More Ms. Polite Woman

A look into why being polite doesn't help women in the short or long run, and why one woman is refusing to be polite from now on.

There Is No Shade in Beauty ---

Beauty is not determined by the shade of our skin, the size of our body, or our physical appearance. It's determined by when we decided to be beautiful. Check out how one woman was inspired by Lupita Nyongo's 2014 speech about beauty.

After domestic abuse for years, one woman finally lets a man into her life, her soul mate, who helps her to learn to love herself again. He then moves cross country, and though she's heartbroken, she wouldn't change her experience for the world.