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FREE Writing Activity: Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!!

I hope you find this free writing activity useful in your classroom! It pairs with the amazing story "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

((Open RP be him??)) I climb onto the bus. It's late. I just got off my volunteer shift at the library. Surprisingly, the bus is full. I sigh as I spot an open seat, but as I walk closer, a boy puts his feet up on it, smirking at me. I look at him. "May I help you?" I ask. (Continue from here. Just jump in!!))

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School Bus Converted Into A Tiny House Had Me Amazed The Second I Saw The Inside

bus School Bus small space bus conversion bus home bus house school bus conversion sustainable living

Israeli Public Bus Transformed Into Luxury Home: Sweet Ride... If it were almost half the length and slightly taller, it'd be perfect

Israeli Public Bus Transformed Into Luxury Home KatNote: This is the sleekest, most open interiour I have ever encountered. Wins Prize in my "Tiny Haus" hunting contest. The fact that Audrey Hepburn artwork was chosen put it "over the top" for me.

Volkswagen Micro-Bus - The Verdier

Reinventing the VW Microbus For the Eco-Age

I miss Vern - Our Volkswagen camper van.) But I gotta say, this would be a sweet replacement! Volkswagen Micro-Bus - The Verdier