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Abraham wouldn’t sugarcoat this and neither will we. Here are the 10 BEST #Abrahamisms

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Henry Ford with his first automobile, 1896 . History In Pictures

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Henry Ford and his Ford Quadricycle," his first car built in a workshop behind his home in Detroit, "for experimental purposes only." Click through for the history (and more photos) of Ford and his various automobiles.

Sam's Age Transitions [HA, it's true. Colin looks more like Jared than Jared looks like Jared...] #Supernatural Sam evolution

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That kid looks just like Jared. The second age transition looks so different mainly because of the hair

Prom night 1977 - 2015 I love you I know Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford

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The actress and the Oscar nominee just reprised their iconic roles for Episode VII - The Force Awakens