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Top 34 Fun DIY Backyard Games and Activities

Is there any way to make the kids get out of the house and be willing to stay outside? How about are the backyard games and activities? Not only children like them, but also for adults, games are a great way to enjoy outdoor time with your family and friends. Before playing the games, it’s […]

Its been said that Kubb dates back to the Viking age and was played on Gotland as well as other locations in Sweden. Kubb means "wooden block" in the Swedish dialect of Gutnish. Kubb is a game which is usually played on grass, but can be played successfully on almost any other flat surface including dirt, sand and ice. [ED: all evidence indicates that Kubb as it is now played was invented in the 1980s based on a game originating in the 1900s]

How to Build a Cornhole Game Set

Heat up your summer barbeques with the popular beanbag-toss game called cornhole. We've got your DIY instructions here. | Photo: Room 5 Films |