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Instarazzi #SummerFitspiration

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Motivational Monday :: Be FIT!

*correction- be the girl you want to be. Love yourself first and get healthy because you deserve it, don't get fit to love yourself.

Are you trying to make a transformation? Whats working for you? Want to Make a Transformation Like This? Check bio for our Five Star 90-day Transformation Program! Every year my resolution was to lose weight but I never really had the determination to act on it. Food was my comfort whenever I felt bad about my life/myself. What pushed me to lose weight was to be in good shape for my growing daughter and to prove negative people wrong for not believing that I can achieve something I put my…

I am at the end of my rope. My competent lovely 3 year old daughter has been saying I can’t do it, from putting on her shoes to drawing a circle to finding her dolls, and she acts helpless and crie...

Why Women Can't Do Pull-Ups

Interesting article on why it's much more difficult for women to do pull ups than men. "Below the Bar" -