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This Cute Domesticated Baby Red Fox Is the Sleepiest Pet Ever - Cutest Paw

Rylai (The Fox)

14 Adorable Animal Instagram Accounts

Rylai is an adorable domesticated red fox who loves to snuggle up with her owner and take nice, long naps.

How corgis might have looked back in the day.

In Welsh folklore, corgis were the preferred method of transportation for fairies. "Oh my goodness. I wonder if Iourik knows this. I bet he carries fairies around all day and doesn't tell me.

Funny Wildlife, funnywildlife: Fennec Foxie !!

baby fennec fox - pretty sure there isn't a more adorable animal on the planet.<<< Oh no. I had gotten over wanting a fennec fox.

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Don't worry Kitty, I will always love you!

I love children and cats. My children who are almost adults and my cats are my life and my husband who is my best friend. Love is unconditional and so is this cute picture.

white-fox-cub-rylai-19 “That being said, responsible breeders (of any animal, exotic or not) and responsible pet owners are NOT the problem”

The Internet’s Cutest Snow-White Fox Is Growing Up