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She glanced across the way; The tin roof of the school bus that she'd adopted as her home creaked beneath her feet.

Post-Apocalyptic Fashion

A figure wearing an old fashioned gas mask emerged from the smoke. He walked like a zombie- slow and creepy.


We have been collecting Swiss Army bags ever since we started and our collection keeps growing. Latest addition is the big soldier in the middle. This bag, Made for the mountain brigade, has a big opening running through the complete bag for the.

Jace's life on Callis was one of hardship and deprivation. When first introduced he, like pretty much all Callisians, is malnourished and his skin is covered in a layer of grim because it's hard to shower when hiding in sewers and abandoned buildings.

"I'm like a rat, or a cockroach. Not only am I hard to kill, but I have a nasty habit of surviving stuff, including getting my head cut off.

Black Ray Gun : Photo

MichaI Klimczak aka is a Polish self-taught artist who studied at the Cracow University of Technology. Inspired by the works of Allan Lee, HR Giger and Michael Karcz, Klimczak is currently.

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