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Oh hello little bird .. You look like a cartoon .. A cute cartoon. And I want to tuck you in my pocket and carry you w/me everywhere and smile all the day long knowing I have you and can look at you any time. Cute cute little bird. I ❤️ u. Tufted Titmouse

laughing hedgehog photo via: ---- tomtom1486

Momma Swan & her 'swanling'? Okay, Google Now... 'The male swan (the cob) helps the female (pen) look after their babies, (cygnets, derived from the Latin word for swan, "cygnus") until they are a year old. The young don't spend more than one day in the nest once they hatch.'

IMG_0890.JPG by David Silverman - Photo 137280463 / 500px

Pinterest • The world’s catalog of ideas