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Redcap Rodney, the merciless executioner created by Marc Simonetti.

Xavier Gueniffey Durin, also known as Naïade, is a French artist born in 1981. He has worked as a freelancer since 2007, and is considered one of the top artists in boardgaming today. His most famous work includes Tokaido, Lord of Xidit, Seasons, and The Big Book of Madness. He’s also worked as a concept artist for many miniatures companies, and as an illustrator for some children’s magazines. Xavier’s favorite settings include post-apocalyptic and medieval fantasy.

Paul the Huntsman

Karl - a Wulfsburg Survivor

Hero Dashboard with some cards on it

Theo - a Wulfsburg Survivor

Huntsman Pack - box lid

The final design we're using will be similar to the Arcadia Quest counter bases. We're tweaking the mold to make sure it fits the Zombicide: Black Plague figures, but at this point we cannot guarantee that they will fit snuggly with the figures from modern-time Zombicide boxes.

3D Doors Pack. Please note that the floor piece in these pictures is still a work in progress. The final piece will be a stone floor.

First Player Metal Coin turned out beautiful. It's a hefty coin at 35mm in diameter and 2mm thick.