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Keep your headphones nearby when you take them out - I need to get these for my daughter!!!

Props - Drop The Beat, Not Your Buds Keep up the tunes with Props! This simple and useful headphone keeper is designed to keep your earbuds tethered to you, making them easily accessible when you want to return to your musical oasis.

Everything You Need To Know About The Lexus Hoverboard http://www.ifitshipitshere.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-lexus-hoverboard/

The Lexus Hoverboard, they may have had metal under Hill Valley. They just never told you. Back to the Future! But it uses magnetic and liquid nitrogen

pet & plant ecosystem for small space interiors. #en

One pot, two lives; a planter and a fishtank in one to promote a beautiful example of simbiotic living. While the fish's waste provides nutrients for the plant, the plant filters the water that it is fed to provide clean water for the fish.

digital highlighter!! Goes right to your computer!! This is genius.

Scanmarker – note taking made insanely easy: simply brush the pen scanner over any printed text, and input into your computer at the speed you scan it.

Energy = Valuable commodity + Planet Killer. But we need Energy you say! Help save our planet by preserving Energy. Did you know that appliances that are plugged in are still generating energy when turned off. DIY Quick Fix ~ Plug in easily accessible appliances only when you plan to use them.

Add Some Spark to Your Home with 10 Innovative Switches and Sockets Designs

"Hang on Outlet" has a little shelf for unplugged plugs. Perfect for alternative energy homes, when you want to unplug things to keep them from sucking power but still keep the cord organized.


Sidesplitting Candle Cups - Match Tealight Holders Ensure You Avoid Burnt Fingertips

Little Rubber Brick Turns Anything Into Kitchen Tongs | Gadget Lab | WIRED

Little Rubber Brick Turns Anything Into Kitchen Tongs

Silicone Kitchen Link Tool Turns Forks And Spoons Into Tongs! can always use more tongs!