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This really should NOT make me giggle...and yet....

Speed bumps…

Funny pictures about Speed bumps. Oh, and cool pics about Speed bumps. Also, Speed bumps.

so much for open

Anything with irony in it makes us laugh. The first statement is also an irony because it didn't make you laugh, and if we believe the first statement to be true, this second one didn't make y.

Funny Signs about Unattended Kids (26 pics)

Children left unattended will be given a red bull and a free puppy!

Dog humor:  its-all-fun-and-games-until-somebody-ends-up-in-a-cone

Animal Hospital Humor: It's all fun and games until somebody ends up in a cone. I do not like the Cone of Shame.

Hahaha kinda clever that they did it that way though.

I can see why this drinking, smoking.skateboarding dog is banned from the park ? HD: Of course he's banned! He's smoking!


The importance of Clarity - Septic tanks pumped, Swimming pools filled, not same truck

Spotted by a fan. #SignLanguage

A funny sign saying to stop stealing our letters or quit swiping them in this desperate plea comedy picture and humor pic.

Toys R Us stipulates the savings of Pulling Out....omg!!! Lmao!

solid advice…Probably not the best wording for a Babies R Us and Toys R Us ad. these are funny!

Racist bastards

Racist bastards

White Lake school-zone speed sign with 6 separate times irks driver

School kids hit in traffic accident due to driver trying to read the speed limit sign!