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John Green takes his stance on if college is worth it by explaining the economic side of the debate. He gives both the positives and negatives of attending college, but overall he is pro-college education. AJP

Meanwhile, the education cartel has raised prices at a rate that is three times the rate of inflation. The credulous "buyers" of expensive higher education continue to pay absurdly inflated prices for degrees that have marginal value in the real-world marketplace. We can see the trend in the following chart: wages for college-educated workers have stagnated even as the costs of college have skyrocketed.

Is College Worth It in Canada? A brief analysis of the different realities facing US and Canadian college students.

Costs for College Education is Still Worth It, but it Depends on Major

College Student Debt Grows. Is It Worth It? Kantrowitz tells students, "Before you spend student loan money on anything, ask yourself if you would still pay for it at twice the price. Because by the time you've paid back that student loan, it's probably going to cost you about $2 for every dollar you've borrowed."

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