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The biggest update on Project Ara happend yesterday, IT GOT CANCELED! Just…

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Elsie Lacks, the daughter of Henrietta Lacks. Born November 12, 1959. Died February 24, 1955 at Crownville Insane Asylum. Believed to be mentally challenged, but may have just been deaf and epileptic. Was horribly mistreated at Crownville.

Readers suggest the 10 best … spies – in pictures

Nancy Wake(1912-2011) Probably the longest living spy, she was a leading figure in the Maquis groups of the French resistance. As a European correspondent to an American paper, she witnessed the rise of the Nazis. The Gestapo called her the White Mouse because of her propensity to elude capture, and by 1945 she was their most wanted person. She parachuted into the Auvergne and once killed an SS sentry with a single judo chop.

A letter sent by Siegfried Rapaport to his mother when they were in the Stutthof concentration camp. The childish handwriting on the aging paper reveals a boy who misses his family but also tries to offer them some comfort, a boy who - amidst the horror of a concentration camp - takes on the role both of breadwinner and supporter, mature way before his time.