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We do fit. Hands. Minds. Bodies. Our "perfect fit."  Don't forget the good times, the sweet times, our alone times. They were real and raw and honest and true and beautiful.

But bear this in mind it was, meant to be! And im joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks.-Little things-One Direction

"Two strangers learn to fall in love again. And I get the joy of rediscovering you. (above)" Faithfully- Journey You taught me a lot on Saturday night.

Who You Are

Who You Are - Jessie J This is like my fav song of all time

i didnt mean for it to happen, it just did.

If you're thinking about having a breast reduction surgery. The before and after are at the same weight/pant size. Before = After = It makes a world of difference not only in looks, but in the entire lifestyle of a woman.

This life would kill me If I Didn’t Have You.   I couldn't live without you baby, I wouldn't want to.  If you didn't love me so much, I'd never make it through... YEP!!!

I know that this is absolutely true! Apart from you, I am hopelessly lost and empty and in a daze! Life would absolutely be nothing without you sweetheart!

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I long for the day you can sing me to sleep, brushing my hair away with your fingertips, kissing me on the forehead. Until then, I'll see you in my dreams.