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This angel makes me want to be bad, really bad! Mischa Collins is one of the best reasons to watch "Supernatural"

Nice jeans

Fabulous : Level Supernatural Misha's got that 'yeah whatever you say dude.' look on his face

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I wish I could check my closet and find Dean Winchester!

[GIF] Don't know exactly what's going on here but they're so cute and look! Jensen is taller than Jared! ;)

I really dislike the whole 'Wincest' pairing but for all who like that pairing, when I first saw this gif, I thought for a split second Jared was a future Dean love interest (or a character I forgot got it on with Dean)!

You can't hear it, but Dean is totally humming 'Stairway To Heaven' to himself. Morosely. I cannot help myself. It's a compulsion. I'm not sorry.

No soul-friends for me to lean upon. No soul mate to cheer me up. Sometimes the loneliness is unbearable. That will be the right time for me to sorrowfully go to bed while striving to sleep, so tomorrow I& have a fresh new happy day.

- The Winchesters' vulnerability -

- The Winchesters' vulnerability - When you notice you do this and be like "I want to hunt too"