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500 x Papaver Somniferum  Giganteum - Schlafmohn (größte Pods & extrem potent)

I dreamt my neighborhood had started growing opium poppies as a safe and artisanal alternative to heroin. I am pretty sure this isn't how drugs work.

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Reynolda Gardens - Most Beautiful Flower

Corkscrew Vine (Vigna Caracalla) flower in Reynolda Gardens, North Carolina, by mbtphoto.very intriguing vine:):)

Michigan wildflowers, including wild blue lupine (its preferred natural habitat is at the edge of an oak forest so it is often seen in broad swaths  when driving through an area of oak forests)

wildflowers-help provide food for the insects of the world. Our cities are food deserts for them. HD: Plant your garden with wildflowers and GET RID of your useless lawn which wastes precious water.

Magic Dogwood

14 DIY ideas for your garden decoration 10

I so need to plant some cornus trees this is awesome.'Magic Dogwood' - Cornus florida subspecies urbiniana - is a rare Mexican version of the common American Dogwood tree.

Poppies at sunset #flowers

Poppies - Come in many varieties. Some are wildflowers like the tall red ones shown in the picture while the California Poppy is low growing and orange in color.

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Dahlias always remind me of my Grandma.she used to grow the most beautiful dinner plate dahlias in her backyard! Lots of other beautiful flowers and veggies, but her dahlias were AMAZING!