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Finnish artist Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen has taken a crack at showing what some of the most popular Disney princesses might look like in real . View "What Disney Princesses Might Look Like in Real Life" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Alice's adventures in Wonderland, her nonsensical dreamland, are a representation of our limits to knowledge. How do we know that our world isn't just some altered dreamland? This connects to the classic "Brain in the Vat Dilemma," how do we know that our life experience is not artificial? The limits to knowledge stem from the close-minded nature of the human mind. There is no way to disprove the "Brain and the Vat Dilemma." Therefore, we must consider it untrue.

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This is Shawn. She is 15. She has beauty powers. She is talented, beautiful, nice, funny, smart, and popular. Adopted. Y ari

Name: Ally age: 15 Description: My name is Ally. Especially when I'm with my wonderful sister, Anna-Lynn. I love fashion and hair too.

Alice in a Mad World ♥ on Pinterest | Alice In Wonderland ...

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Jasmine....my third favorite princess

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Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton style, is definitely a classic and a favorite!-- Check out my Alice in Wonderland board too.