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Another dance moms comic made by @ Anja Enervold

Whats funny is these two always have something to argue about in almost every show! That's untill Kelly quit being on the show!

Dance moms comic Mack Z second face isn't right for this comic but still liked

Christi being a great mom.  I found it sad that Christi had to tell Kenzie that she was good enough and Mackenzie, her own mom couldn't do it.

This shows how great of a mom Christi is. Mackenzie was pressured to preform like Maddie when she did the solo but Christi tells her that she can do just as good when she's herself.

Dm facts by dance moms fan page

Dm facts by dance moms fan page

comics of dance moms | Kendall gonna get in some trouble and then Maddie because Mackenzie ...

Kenzie only had this one quote where she said she doesn't want to be on broadway and instead wants to stay home and eat chips. She probably likes chips but it doesn't have to be a big deal.