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April « 2015“Les femmes se parent bêtement de la fourrure des animaux pour plaire aux hommes qui préfèreraient la leur”

I seriously want a pet fox.no joke. But it would be to cruel to keep a wild animal. What a sweet familiar to have

I am cunning, I am elusive, I am a wild free creature, so give up trying to corner me

Kuda-Kitsune or Kanko (管狐, "pipe fox"?) is a creature supposedly employed by Japanese kitsune-tsukai, those who use foxes as spirit familiars. Its use is described as a rat-sized fox which can be kept in a tobacco pipe.


What does the fox say? The fox says, "I'm gorgeous!" → ~~Wild beauty ~ red fox by Olga Gladysheva~~

My, what a foxy face you have, dear.

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I love you mom by Menno Schaefer on Foxes, as they should be, free to live in their own natural habitat. has made fox hunting illegal.