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diy dog costumes for halloween | INSPIRATION: Creepy Halloween Horror Costumes For Dogs

This awesome dog skeleton Halloween costume looks pretty easy to make. Just get some pet safe paint and go to town. Of course you’ll need a black dog to make it work too.

Another cute one by Jen Schulte.

Over 25 Cute Halloween Costumes for kids! Inspiring baby costumes, plus fun child and teen costume ideas. Easy last minute DIY Halloween costumes.

Genie on a Magic Carpet Costume - 2013 Halloween Costume Contest via @costumeworks

Genie on a Magic Carpet - Halloween Costume Contest at

My 7 year old daughter is wearing a Genie on a magic carpet illusion costume. We purchased the purple Genie costume then took heavy duty card board cut it to the size we wanted the carpet to be. We purchased craft foam piece and a.