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The good thing about contemporary pieces ...

"The good thing about playing a virtually unknown contemporary piece is that no one realized I got lost for half an hour while in the middle.

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How Laughter Works: 25 Hilariously Awesome Marching Band Memes

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Cool picture.... I  might have guessed it too if the question was asked "what is this?" Lol

Photographs taken from the inside of musical instruments, making them look like large and spacious rooms - the inside of a Cello. What if we were to design a room with skylights shaped so the room appeared to be the inside of an instrument.

Crescendo Music Education

This is also a musical pun. The symbol above the second music note is called an "accent" so it's kind of like a play on words. Witty, Amusing Pun This doesn't really say anything about man kind either. It's just another musical pun.

Lol! Music humor

Many years before his "Unfinished Symphony", young Schubert was a simple elementary school student.