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Unions support working people. The so-called Right-to-Work is a right to be poor, without insurance or retirement benefits.

Justin's Political Corner: Wingnuts blame unions for the economic problems, when in fact it isn't true.

As we said in my "Hippie Trails" novels, Power to the People. ...

Bernie Sanders = Obi Wan Kenobi Tulsi Gabbard = Luke Skywalker One laid the ground work for the other!

The more you know

If you think that busting unions, paying people as little as possible and shoveling tax money to the rich is going to get our country back on track, you're not a patriot.

The best customer of American industry is the well-paid worker.

Yes, actual living wages paid by the corporations. The system we have now uses tax dollars to subsidize the labor costs of corporations by providing welfare, food stamps, and medicaid.

Union thug

Shop This is what a UNION THUG looks like. Pinback Button created by ksmanimal.

Hood Bitch

"They be all like you need pants to fly".was she really trying to fly without her pants?

Under The Bleachers

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JFK. President. Union.

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Act in Doctrine

He cannot help us remember things we have not labored to learn- elder bednar

Exactly! Am I just cruising along with the crowd? Do I need to step back and…

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority. Mark Twain / and on the side of the "underdog" is most certainly where you will find me!