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Ulysses and the Sirens, illustration from an antique Greek vase

Archaic Greek Vase painting: Sirens with frame drum and lyre and then Odysseus in a Greek tunic and hat. He was tied to the mast.

The Voyage of St. Brendan (1499) [t]

Brendan and the Siren, illustration from 'The Voyage of St. Brendan', 1499 Posters & Art Prints by German School - Magnolia Box

Victor Nizovtsev, Musetouch.

Mermaid Life, Mermaid Art, Beautiful Colors, Mermaids Sirens, Nizovtsev S…

Mermaid Illustration by Seiko for the Odyssey, 1929, from a series of Japanese children’s textbooks.

Mermaid and Skulls all in one! My kind of painting.Mermaid Illustration by Seiko for the Odyssey, from a series of Japanese children’s textbooks.

Will you be a tangerine mermaid or an indigo one? Find out in this quiz!

What Color Mermaid Are You?

A true bastard daughter of Poseidon. Mermaid by Victor Nizovtsev Love nearly all the mermaid art but this particular artist has so much imagination, color treatments.