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“The Poor Irishman,” “bare-knuckle legend," a “scrapper with a troubled past” The Saratogian had called him. But, poor Irish or not, he _had_ brought the party of the summer stumbling to a halt. He slowly ran a hand over his mouth to hide the smile, for there was a certain smug satisfaction that he’d done so armed with, as Sellers had candidly put it, a handful of fresh cash and a new suit.

John Mayer - anyone who knows me knows about my thing for JM. Please don't tell me he's a douche. I don't want to date him, I just want to admire him from afar.

"We're always either on our way down, or on our way up, and you never really enjoy the moment when its all put together because it probably never really is. Those moments where things come apart are only really setting you up for the moment when they come back together, and you're so surprised that it's coming back together again. There is a beauty in being in repair." -John Mayer

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