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Colin O'Donoghue...captain hook....once upon a time season 3 :)

Captain Hook, Once Upon a Time. Possibly the hottest man I've seen, everything that attracts my eye.

Adam Levine <3                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Adam Levine is Packing Major Life Lessons

Adam Levine is packing major life lessons that all of us can learn from. Read about five life lessons from Adam Levine.

If anyone out there is listening, this is on my wish list. This is the type of guy that appeals to me!

Farewell letter from

Boys, you should wear your glasses more often -- Mark Ricketson and everyother girl.

Hot damn voice actor of Finn

Hot damn voice actor of Finn, and hell yeh, I'm right around his age! <<< his name is Jeremy Shada guys he also plays Lance from Voltron

Jensen Ackles, everybody. Ummmmmmm he has a silly side too? And love graphic teeshirts too? Damn he is perfect

Jensen Ackles ~ Supernatural lol <- This man can make the most ridiculous faces and still be attractive.