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This nutrition-packed, Oca boasts a wide range of micro & macro nutrients including vitamin C, iron, zinc, flavonoids, B vitamins, & fiber while low in calories. A 100-gram serving of Oca provides more than 60% of the RDV for vitamin C, up to 70% iron, 12% of zinc & 55% of vitamin B12. Oca essential amino acids promote the health & proper function of muscles, organs, nails, hair, skin & more. #dherbs #healthtip

Acai berry has a wide array of phytonutrients. Its range of ANTIOXIDANTS, amino acids & OMEGA FATTY ACIDS can help protect the tissues & cells of the body & make this fruit an ANTI-AGING, immune boosting superfood. It is also rich in B VITAMINS, ELECTROLYTES & TRACE MINERALS that are helpful for reducing inflammation & improving energy. The acai berry’s ability to eliminate free radicals & reduce oxidative stress also assist your body with DISEASE PREVENTION, WEIGHT LOSS, & METABOLIC…

Garlic is a fantastic source of vitamin B6, as well as a very good source of selenium, manganese and vitamin C