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bestfriend goals | Best friend Goals

When your boy friend is a jerk, just remember your best friend told your boy friend "She's my friend and if you hurt her, I will murder you"

Did this with Laura a couple years ago...

Someone from Thane, Maharashtra, IN posted a whisper, which reads "*has an amazing conversation with someone * *rereads the chats infinite times and keeps smirking like a doofus* Am I the only one?

Stairs falling down angry mood other than your friends dance prance around daisies no stop grab a pitchfork

Friendship Tumblr Comp

One kid just walked down the hallway and said I like you shoelaces I yelled out I STOLE THEM FROM THE PRESIDENT the look on the admistrators face was priceless then he said well I had too much beer this morning and walked off

YESSS!!!!!!!!!  I was always SO jealous when our friends had these!  And then when they shared....they were the best people in the universe.

I LOVE ZOOPALS and commercials. oink oink zoopals, zoopals make eating fun