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MICHAEL IS LITERAL PERFECTION OMGG <<<I love how he said he was going to tweet that! xD He's too cute.

Adri :) on

This could not be more true! Hahaha OMG I love Michael! 3 legged dog named scrappy!


I am a Michael girl. and a Luke girl. and a Calum girl. and an Ashton girl.

We are the same

♡ραя∂σи му αωкωαя∂♡ This is when I knew Michael Clifford was the one for me <<< I knew he was since the time he called Luke Michael.

I am a small blonde boy. So you're Miley?

But can you imagine the day that Ashton finally decides to twerk? People will lose it. Mountains will crumble. Fandoms will fall. People will not be able to handle the hilarity of ashton irwin twerking. >> lol "im a small blonde boy.

Luke you and my little brother would never leave you cause he loves the turtles <<< pretty much

Luke you and my little brother would never leave you cause he loves the turtles <<< pretty much<<<< No I like ninja turtles as much as my brother, and he has ninja turtle underwear.

Never laughed so hard in my life

I just find this funny lol and true respect the band and its members and support them through everything and you are just a big of fan:-) <<<< So glad someone made this. I became a fan the summer of 2014 (and btw it all happened in 5 seconds hehe)

This is so cute. It just make me love him that much more if it's even possible<<<<I'm crying and I want to talk to them or at least get them to talk to me, I'm just sad 'cause I know I'll never meet them

this is the cutest thing<< the annoying thing is that the body guards think they own them// he's just trying to keep them from getting hurt, but he could've let Michael go say thank you.


OMG FAKERS YASSSS BYE<< Other than the racist af "ching chongs" line I like this, seriously why are people so racist?

omg yes

Therefore I want a group text with them. This seems like a perfect explanation of them, though. Tbh I think I would be Luke cause I go emoji crazy anyways