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This image is so creative using the flower as a tutu. I like how the colors in this image are very warm and there is a little bit of orange in the flower. It helps the image how the flower is in focus but everything else is blurry.

We all Love The Moon    I have found some extra ordinary pictures shot in front of the moon in the evening! I already know that you all are the  lovers of Moon Sight! And these pictures will definitely give you an amazing feeling of moon sight!  Leav

Funny pictures about Playing with the moon. Oh, and cool pics about Playing with the moon. Also, Playing with the moon photos.

Everyday life minified

Everyday life minified

Funny pictures about Such a small world. Oh, and cool pics about Such a small world. Also, Such a small world photos.

Perfectly Timed: 36 Pictures Taken at the Right Moment - HitFull.com

this picture has forced perspective because it gives you an illusion of a little girl carrying a man between her fingers.

I really don't know what's going on here. Is he looking forward, or sideways?

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High speed photography of a water balloon being popped. just-plain-cool by tamera

Beautiful and creative photos of exploding water balloons captured by talented photographer Edward Horsford. Rubber balloons were filled with colored water. Then, each balloon was popped and photographed using high speed photography.

Unique Portrait -Bob Rohrbaugh

Unique Portrait -Bob Rohrbaugh, wrinkled hands over wrinkled face, eyes on tops of hands all becomes one big wrinkle

The dreams will be a truth we just have to Stell Dreaming

Cool Camera trick for the holidays. Simple Idea, Awesome Result… Hole Punches (think scrapbooking) work great for this type of bokeh