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20 Political Books Every Woman Should Read

20 Political Books Every Woman Should Read | I've only read two of them, but several were already on my list.

Oh look, Princess Trump is waving his Pompous Magic Wand.......

Inspirational quotes

Banksy | art to some, heresy to others. Either way, it's the most appealing and compelling form of social commentary that I've ever witnessed.

RL it will be beautiful believe me

Also am I politically uninformed or isn't Wikileaks like not part of an agency assigned to investigate the emails

As well as science and politics, and giving answers to questions like "what kind of cookie are you?"

A very apt display of thoroughly warped & treacherous "values"! This guy should serve jail time for gross neglect of duty!

Crooked Pervert Donnie and his Repukkke swamp scum!!