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So what is infrared photography? Infrared Photography is capturing invisible light that shows incredible after effects. The infrared wavelengths usually ranges

The Lion King in real-life.

Funny pictures about The Lion King in real life. Oh, and cool pics about The Lion King in real life. Also, The Lion King in real life.

15 of The Most Welcoming Rustic Homes

15 of The Most Welcoming Rustic Homes

Dream backyard style "Traditional Exterior Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page

Passing By by helios-spada.deviantart.com on @deviantART( My soul washes to purify , and shine in the white of your miracles...

Welcome to the greatest thing I've ever created. + Nik Software + Topaz Labs Brno Lens cap for WB. Canon - Full Spectrum Modified Canon EF-S IS w/ B+W 90 filter Wac.

Vienna, Austria. Photo: People sit near the Statue of Duke Albrecht in Vienna, Austria.

The history of Vienna is synonymous with that of Europe's biggest empire, so hang on to your weiner schnitzel.Vienna was named "Vindomina" by Celtic tribesmen around 500 B. The Romans called it "Vindobona", !

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I would SOOOOOOO love our back patio to look like this.french doors leading out to a beautiful outdoor living area surrounded by a flower garden ((sigh)) Where are Yard Crashers?

spring is just around the corner

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London Eye. Stunning.  If you go on the Eye, try to do the champagne experience.  It is limited to 12 people, and is fantastic!

Check: The London Eye: London, England. I hate Ferris Wheels but each encasement on The Eye is large enough to fit 10 people standing so I felt safer than I did at any fair.