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#chen smiling :))

#chen smiling :))

Oh Chen you would do something like that :) And Luhan what is that around your neck? ^^

I can't even, the look of joy on chen face and the horror on Luhan's.both my biases just add Xiumin and D.

keke no matter what Chen Chen is always a troll~! keke and he will be the best & biggest troll i knew keke

When you're trying to advertise your friend to other people

EXO Chen. fan comment ...*shyly sends a heart back to the screen* #jongdae

Chen Pls marry me Be a good family Make kids and love eachotherXDDD

XD GOOD JOB CHEN! Chen be the only one eating

If I had to do a food advertisement, I would be Chen😂

EXO CHEN bw (jongdae) bw looking like a bad-ass OMG so in love. he's crawling onto my bias list..

JongDae - Die Jungs (I'm going to punch someone I'm so angry at how hot he looks)